Donny Tue 22/3 BAT Noisy Day

Forget about work (and the bloody microphones) and come to Donny for a midweek hoon.

I mailed IDG and there are a couple of peeps I know who could do with a date to aim for to finally get cars finished after…ahem…extended build periods. You know who you are and you also know that when the cars are finished that they will in all likelihood be a bit on the shouty side and not really cut it when the noise police are out :wink:


I’d love a noisy day at Donnington but I will be gazing at a very large rock in the middle of OZ at that very moment in time.

Steve, however, might like to have a day out in something on my behalf :wink: - I’ll ask him.

quite fancy this, but kind of wrestling with �295!!!

Yeah I know. How much will a noisy day be in season? NObody has signed up for it and there is athread on pistonheads bitching about the price. I’ll mail Jonny see if he’ll cut a deal.

Strange I think �295 for a noisy day is quite reasonable…even for late March.

MoneyBags!!! :smiley:

Been in contact with Jonny. He can’t do anything about the price because its a tie up with Pistonheads :frowning: Being the top lad that he is though he has done his best to look after his Exiges mates :

  • Free garage for every two bookings.
  • Book a training session and get one free.

Hooning down Craner’s with the usually interesting machinery that turn up on noisy days followed by a curry…seriously what else did you have planned for a Tue (aside from Andy who I’m sure will spend a very interesting day looking at a rock :wink: )

I thought �295 was a bit steep - especially as the taxman has just kicked me hard where it hurts…

This is starting to fill up, which reminds me I must part with some cash myself.

Sean you have to come, I’ve just noticed that there will be a Stealth B6 GT1 with 680bhp attending :sunglasses:

Looking unlkely for me. calipers probably wont be here in time :frowning:

I have nothing that can compete with that yet dude. My little scoob is good, but it aint that good!!

Sean are we actually going to see your car in 2011? If its not ready for Donny, then Anglesey is only a few weeks after…?

As for Con…if you’d not been a princess about colour you coudl have had 'em by now.

Yes my car will be ready in 2011. I kind of had 2010 off to be honest and I have only really got stuck into it this year. I am aiming for Anglesey for it to be ready and I really am going to try for that date. If I miss the date, I miss it, but it wont be through lack of trying.

It is currently off having the exhaust made.

Every aspect of it has changed again, different brakes, wheels, hubs, engine, turbo, gearbox, driveshafts, loom, ECU, every body panel is different, wing, suspension.

I hope it all works!!!

I can’t wait to be monstered by it Sean.

So you gonna come to Donny in yer Scooby then?

Fitting a new speedo too? :smiley:

The AIM dash is one of the few things not changing.

best things come to those who wait :slight_smile:

whats the JSR mega diffuser then ?
piccies please…

Why? Still got a bit of shelf space in the garage :smiley:

whats the JSR mega diffuser then ?

Why? Still got a bit of shelf space in the garage :smiley: [/quote]

Cheeky git :smiley:
I’ll have you know I got a dremmel for christmas so that I could fit the carbon tat I bought last year. Problem is that too is now on a shelf in the garage :smiley: :smiley:

Mind you off to see the boyz on saturday so you never know they might actually get fitted soon :wink:

Mind you off to see the boyz on saturday so you never know they might actually get fitted soon :wink: [/quote]

Say hello from me. Tell Martin I’ll call him next week re Donny,…you know the trackday at Donny that you can’t make because you had to have a special order colour of calipers :wink: