Donny on Thurs

I’m testing at Donington on Thursday with the Nissan and there will also be a Porsche 962 and an Argo Cosworth out. If anyone fancies coming along to have a look you are all more than welcome. If you do I will be in the pits so come and say hi.

Hmmm, gonna be heading up the M40 on Thursday to see my Father in Warks (and go to the Motorshow on Friday) so could possibly make a detour. Any idea of times?? I have to work in the morning so will have to make a covert exit as early as I can,…hmmm covert exit in the Exige,…not really possible me thinks. Would be worth it to see such great machinery close up…

I’ll be there all day some come along any time.

Well, I was the only one to take Randy up on his kind offer

Some pics are Here

Absolutely brilliant day out, even though Randy’s car only ran for a few laps due to a turbo problem, which only got sorted just as the track was closing. Anyway, big,big thanks to Randy, Phil Stott Racing & the other series entrants who made me very welcome & listened to, & answered my daft questions without laughing

To say that these cars are awesome is simply a complete understatement - 700bhp plus, sounding glorious (rare noisy day at Donny), fabulous looks, & of course incredibly quick

Really looking forward to watching Randy & Co racing at Le Mans in a couple of weeks, then at Donington on 28/29 August

I know that if I won the Lottery…

Gutted that I did not make it. It was always a bit of a long-shot getting away from the office early

Will for sure be there to support Randy at least one of the UK races (Brands for sure)…

Sorry you couldn’t make it along Benja. It wasn’t such a great day for me as I only got a couple of laps in but some of the other Group-C guys put in a good showing, especially the Jags.

Thanks for coming along Pesky, it was great to see you. Hope you enjoyed the little trip in the Volvo to Aladdin’s Cave! Looking forward to having a few beers with you at LeMans which is looking to be a cracking race. FYI we found the problem with the turbos - they were not getting sufficient oil until 10-15 secs after startup so we have changed the plumbing and also the startup procedure. We are out again at Silverstone on Friday so fingers crossed everything we go smoothly.

Hope you enjoyed the little trip in the Volvo to Aladdin’s Cave!

Holyshit, there was I thinking it was a SAAB - albeit a rather quick one

Hope all goes well on Friday