Donny : Fri 17th March

Yeah its only a week before Anglesey but with Jonny’s car looking like it would be ready, it was time to squeeze in a cheeky day off and head down to Donington,…2nd time this year!

I missed one session and took some pics instead.

Well what a happy garage : three little R300s!

Jonny treated himself to a new helmet :laughing:

Jonny’s new track-toy on its first outing (well in his hands at least). Missing a few finishing touches but looking and going great.

Dave in his R300 - a very rapid combination. Tbh Dave and a shopping trolley would probably be a rapid combination…

The lads line up waiting for the circuit to open after a red

Jonny will get used to the fluro-yellow ‘7’ in his mirrors,…I think its burnt-into mine :laughing:

Dave waiting for Jonny to get through some traffic.

Beadsmoore was there giving the 211 a quick pre-Anglesey shakedown after its SC+CC conversion by Dan at HPE :sunglasses:

Jonny coming in after another red flag - it was pretty greasy in the afternoon which resulted in quite a few stoppages,…and some moderate hooning :smiley:

Great to see the lads and R300 ownership is really growing on me, it gets better and better :sunglasses:

A fantastic day and a great teaser for next week…bring it :smiley:

Cheers Ben. I really cant wait for Anglesey now. A few bits and bobs and jobs a carrot :smiley:

:clap: MEGA

jealous that A: you got another TD in and I was doing documentation with a head cold B: you’re warmed up for Anglesey

Chris happy with his transformation?

I think it’s safe to say we had a good day… it took me a long time and a lot of money spent on various cars over the last 10+ years before discovering Caterhams… perhaps I wouldn’t have ‘got it’ earlier but I guess I got there in the end!

Great to be there for Jonny’s first outing in his new track whore… and considering he hasn’t been on track for at least a year he was soon finding some decent pace around Donington !

It takes a while to really get comfortable with a Caterham, but I think I can confidently predict that Jonny’s smile will only get bigger as he spends more time with the new red beastie…

Tbh I’m almost speechless. You have no idea how much I’ve missed being on track with the boys. I had a cracking day :clap:

Looks like you had a great time out on track chaps :thumbup:

I fixed the pic with the broken link :laughing:

LOL ! :laughing: :laughing:

It really is that big :laughing:

Making me very jealous guys. Looking forward to Friday.