Donny Accomodation 23rd Sept

The Russmeister & myself are booked into the Melbourne View Hotel

web page

Would be great to see some others there too - Uldis, Mike Lane?

Kelvin (one od the guys that’s coming down from Scotland) has booked at the Travelodge at Donington for 4 of us, but as it turns out, there is another guy coming and there is no place.
Will make a rounds of call stomorrow and let you know if we swith hotels.


I’m in the Travelodge…
Probably not worth messing around now, but if these hotels are close together we could all just decide to drink at one or the other…



Is the Travelodge situated at the mway “services” - if so, I think you’ll find its “dry”. Also, if it’s that one, enjoy the food

Don’t mess about, mate, get yourself transferred to the Melbourne View - you can also get the first round in


I’ve just checked the Travelodge website - my comments in the previous post are VALID. A few of us stayed there in Sept 2001, before the first “” trackday get together. We’ve not been back since, & we’ve done quite a few days at Donington since then.

Honestly, do yourself a favour & get in at the Melbourne - if you can

I see - dry

Will ring Melbourne tomorrow…

You buy the first round

Melbourne full

Bar / Dining room not full


That’ll teach you not to listen to Uncle Pesky

What time do you expect to arrive in the area - assuming that you will be joining myself & the Russmeister for a meal & (in your case, non-alcholic ) drink ? How does 7pmish sound?

7pm sounds fine, traffic permitting…

I think a taxi may be a option !!!

Otherwise we are back to being dry…


I have a cunning plan! Leave your car overnight at the Melbourne, (if we can’t swing that, you’ll have to go straight to the Travelodge as planned), eat & drink, then get a taxi from the Melbourne to the Travelodge. In the morning, I’ll collect you from the Travelodge & get you back to your pride & joy

How does that sound?

I’ll mail you my mobile number offline.

Pesky’s Taxis