Donny 2nite

When, who, what and I know where?

It’s that Superleague Formula thing I think…

My wife just informed me (very impressive) its Villa vs Liverpool and it’ll be first time in my new Season Ticket seats AND not forgetting the well priced bargin buy Gareth Barry thing (which is now top story in football what with you’re prodical son returning). Soon mate, real soon Sorry.

No probs, Jonny

Hi folks,

I was there in my 135R elise, which is finally back on the road after 2 months. long story.

Anyways, its alot slower than the old shed, and was flat chat down craners at 110mph, it just wouldnt go any faster. Makes me miss the honda power.

Maybe i need to fit remoulds on the rear, to get that sheddy S1 honda feeling on the new car