Donnington Track Evening Open Pit lane

A good friend of mine “Willie Green” of Donnington Premier events has asked me if anyone is interested in an evenig of open Pit Lane at donnington on 27th June!Cost is only �125, you can bring along an extra driver for free! or bring along a passenger.There will be a limited amount of instruction available if needed!Also there will be the use of a suite on the pit straigt for any family.I know he wants to find another 10 cars and these will probably go very quickly.If any interest leave a message below and I will contact you directly on willies behalf (I have told hem to get IT’d)regardsDave Joyce

Yup… Im up for that if thats ok…RegardsJohn

Alternatively… why not go to a FULL day OPEN PIT on SATURDAY 29th June with BookaTrack [image][/image][This message has been edited by ShinyAndy (edited 19 June 2002).]

Dave,Interested. Do you know what times the evening session runs between?

Shameless plug Andy [image][/image]But I forgive you [image][/image]

Details as follows :-Sign on at 5.00PMOn Track at 5.30PMCircuit Closes 8.30PMOpen Pit Lane, and bearing in mind they are looking for vehicles to attend I would not expect much traffic,in fact I have never been there with more than 35 vehicles.It would be nice to get an Exige contingent, I have allready booked my place.

quote:Originally posted by Admin5:Shameless plug Andy [image][/image]But I forgive you [image][/image]Cheers David,Not seen you for a while… where you been ?

quote:Originally posted by ShinyAndy: Not seen you for a while… where you been ?I’ve been busy with work unfortunately, but I shall hopefully see you rabble on the 29th [image][/image]