Donnington Show

Anyone going ? Is it worthwhile ?

Hi Miniman, (and everybody)My Dad and myself will be there all weekend as we have the Elan on the Lotus Drivers Club Stand, It’s still up for sale because we have not had any serious buyers yet, Would have the Exige there also but it’s still in lots of bit’s.As for the show, Its has been in the past a quite small affair with a few club stands, The usual “dealer’s” stands and the autojumble and of course the special interest stands(the ones that you are not sure why they are there!) They put on “Lotus Only” parking outside the exhibition center and there is of course a cafe and a bar.So Looking at cars while having a beer usually makes for a good day out.Perhaps we will see you there.

I’ll be there on Sunday all being well, it’s only up the road for me.

I’m going on sunday too as in the area visiting family in Nottingham. Having to take the wife for some retail therapy too so no chance of being able to take the Exige.

Goin Saturday. I reckon its a good day out and getting better - lots to see in the car park [image][/image]. What I find most amazing is that people will pay good money over for pieces of what appears to be rusting scrap to complete their resto ‘projects’.

I’ll be along on Sunday. My car may well be on the Lotus Drivers Club stand. If not it’ll be in the carpark!Mike

How much is it to get in? is there a website with the details, maybe going on Sunday [image][/image]

Think I’ll make it along on Sunday morning then [image][/image] Not in Exige though as its suspension is in lots of bits, oh and the cam covers off as I’m trying to make sense of the cam timing ( and failing )- if anyone can tell which is “the third t” timing mark on the 190 101 inlet pulley I’ll buy you a pint !And Phil, do you need shorter track control rods now ?

Phil - website - hah! Club Lotus still print mag on John Bull Printing Kit!! �7.50 on day (�6.50 in advance from Club Lotus) entry 1000hrs start - over Sat and Sun.

jeez, i remember John Bull printing kits had one when i was a kid [image][/image] [image][/image] not yet Andrew [image][/image]

Hi Miniman, our 101 inlet pully has an extra slot cut into it and a third timing mark on the outer edge, can show you on sunday at the show if you like! If yours doesn,t then it may not be a 101. Oh by the way you can only properly see this when the wheel has been removed!!Steve.

Yep I’ll be there on Saturday. Simon, are gonna be meeting at Woodall 9.15? if so I’ll see you in the car park…

Gents,I’ll be there on Saturday morning with the other half - she, like you Simon, is lost for words watching people buy old rusting parts at Autojumbles - she even took a few pictures of this chap at Silvertone selling second hand spark plugs [image][/image] - is anyone traveling up from London?Cheers James

Yup I’ll be there on Sat probably.Now I got the old girl back shes raring to go on a tootle… hmmm…I said that 1000 miles ago!! Oh well.JohnO

Yep see you at Woodall Peter - looks like wet weather tyres needed [image][/image]

SteveFor teh record I mailed Lotus with a photo of my cam timing and tehy confirmed its 190 and correct ( third timing mark between the two std ones )Actually had very good response from Lotus technical … few more things to check.See you at the weekendAndrew