Donnington Gallery is Up!!

Sorry it took a week guys - blooday day job and all that

Anyway the gallery is up so enjoy I hope that we managed to capture everyone.

TSU Photo Gallery of Exiges Day @ Donny

I have negotiated with Tap, and if you want a print then it is �12.50 for A3 or �25 for A2 incl P&P. Email the URL/URL’s of the photos you want, te size (A3/A2) with your name and address to [email protected]

Tap and I are away next week so it may take a few days to turn it around.


Ben and Tap

Wow! you had fun with that camera.

Excellent photos!

Great stuff


fantastic pictures!
gutted i wasn’t there!

note to self…buy an exige asap!!!

WOW… so many excellent pics…

Another fantastic job Benja/Tap

Great pics of a great day. Top job guys.

Now which ones do I get printed


Super pics Ben - what was your day job BTW

Some great photos!!

Sean’s colour scheme really does look the dogs!

Why do people remove their number plates?

Why do people remove their number plates?

Well done Ben, great photos.

I took my front one off becuase it was already cracked - my rear has been exposed though (IYSWIM ). Some people remove rear plates to expose holes in te rear clam to aid cooling and I guess some people don’t want their insurance company/missus/mother/etc to have any chance of seeing them doing nice things with their car…

Great photos.

The car looks so much better on the track, than it does in any static photos, I take on the drive.

Stunning photos.

Top work as ever B&T!

Is there any processing of the backgrounds or just plain skill?


Fantastic Photo’s!

Well Done Guys!

Thanks for all the kind words chaps.

Ian - we do quite a bit of processing but not really across a specific part of the image, more just cropping/levels/saturation/rotation etc. Only occasionally do I actually change an image or background - like cloning out an old giffer in the background or summat.

Don’t forget that although the images look good on our website they look even better as prints �12.50 for an A3 (which is bloody big) or �25 for A2 (which is huge) is incredibly cheap (even if I do say so myself )…and it could be yours to own forever just an email click away to [email protected]…jeez I should be in marketing

Wow! that is Cheap

I had some photo’s done of mine and they weren’t much cheaper than that for an A3

Super stuff - takes me back

Top piccies there Ben - will be sending some hard earned shortly



Thanks again for all the nice things said - I hope that the gallery will be a useful record of a great day.

OK so we want to get a print run sorted this week as Jason is off on hols after that. Let’s face it neither of us does it for the money but it would be nice if we could cover J’s costs (that way he will probably pitch up next year). I personally am hoping to get third time lucky and have a driveable car next time and actually get to drive instead of taking photos Therefore…

[color:“red”] Closing Dates for Prints is End of Day Thursday 18th May - yes that’s this week!![/color]

Just look at the gallery , cut and paste the url of the images you want and how big you want them to [email protected] along with your name and address. Wonderful quality prints arrive with an invoice (yes you don’t even have to part with hard-earned up front!!) to the tune of:

�12.50 for A3 or �25 for A2 incl P&P.

We will even do 2xA4 for the price as an A3.

Go on do it now before you forget and miss out and then, when you see your exige mates have got a print, get filled with a deep sense of regret that you did not capitalise on the opportunity when it was presented to you

Thanks to all those that have already ordered

[image] - tsuphoto Resources and Information.

Just realised that I even made it to the gallery. Yes that it me pax’ing with the Meister himself, wearing a kind of 'should we not have started braking a bit earlier ’ kind of look

[image] - tsuphoto Resources and Information.

Scared eyes!

Perhaps you thought the suspension had collapsed!