Donnington _ Evening


Anyone done a Donnington evening session ?

Looks like thats my next chance and:

  1. Never even been around Donnington ( and its so close )

  2. Never done the evening type event

Many thanks


Donington is an excellent circuit for the Exige. Due to the high downforce the car generates, it can carry lots more speed through bends than pretty much anything else (short of a Radical).

Evening sessions are good, and cost-effective way of using a top-level track in summer… BUT… the time will pass by so fast… and if you’re unlucky to have a couple of people fall off the track requiring rescuing, then it may SEEM that you’re not getting enough from the session.

But to reiterate, it IS an excellent track, and don’t forget to use BookaTrack and not those numpties at EasyTrack

Cheers David

Yeah BAT it is … no further comment required.

Booking up now then !!

Hi Andy,
We have done Donnington many times and have done lots of evening seccions there, And as Mr Admin has said the time will apear to go quite quickly so you need to keep a check on your watch, but open pit with BAT means that you can do as much or as little as you want (this helps with two of us driving). The Gp track is good but is quite hard on your brakes with an extra 2 heavy stopping areas. The national track is superb, It realy suits the Exige and seams to flow really well with not too many long straights and plenty of open bendy bits to run high corner speeds. We have booked in for both Donny BAT’s in August so we will probably see you there.
Steve (and Martin)

I’m provisional for the 8th August too !

See you then !

Just to add my say!

In my opinion, Donnington is one of the best circuits I have driven in the Exige. Anglesey is great, but different.

Evening sessions with BAT - good value (if you keep an eye on your watch and nobody falls off).

Martin & Steve E and I tend to go quite a lot, but then it is quite close for me and very close for those two!

I going to get some booked up now


Hey - thanks for all the responses - I’m just going to book up the 7th - so maybe see someone there !!