Donnington Evening - BaT 2nd June

Just got hold of the pics from the BaT site, some good ones there.

This was a brilliant day out, the track was superb, weather was good right up until the last minute, hardly any cars there, and some nice people too

There was a chap with a 250 cup on the early session. Very nice.

Had a great few laps in an R400 Caterham with some of the S2000 guys I went with.

I went for 20 mins with the instructor, which was great. Firstly to learn the lines as I hadn’t been to donny before, and secondly to learn how to drive the track.

I though the car was understeering, but this was just me braking to heavily. Got some good tips which I will remember and use elsewhere now. �20 well spent!


M3 which rolled early on at Craner Curves…


Waiting in the pit lane


New M3 (had to let me past on track)


About to be punished by the R400


Dembo (S2000 owner) in the slipstream…






Some chavs


(I have owned 5 imprezas so just kidding there )

Excellent mate, great track I love it and it’s my local…can’t wait to get back on!

And when will that be ?

Ok I can’t make any of your dates but I’ve just booked (BaT) Donny on the 7/7 and …wait for it…SPA on the 4/8…SPA BABY YEA! Ya’comin? Quick quick only 2 places remaining

Jonny, i’m really tempted by the Spa trackday…

Shall I, shaln’t I…?!

Is it a really good track?

Marky man go go go 3 places left, just booking the Tunnel now actually for the Sunday.

And in the immortal words of Rob AKA Pesky “Is anyone else going to join Mr Bean & myself, on the best circuit in the world” Although he is going later that month

Tempted but the driver list looks pretty massive

2 days…open pit lane…4.5 miles

Sold out Jonny

I was going to book it tonight as well…