Donnington and Castle Combe dates - cheap

Hi, i got these dates through from a friend in the Porsche Club and thought you guys and girls would be interested in these dates. You have to phone the tracks direct but at these prices it would be silly not to. Let me know which dates you book so we can meet up.For those that are interested in Track day dates for 2003…The following dates are for Donington Track days - all �75.00.* December 29th* January 19th* January 26th* February 2nd* February 9th* February 16thCastle Combe dates have also been announced (run by the Castle CombeCircuit) all at �140.00.* Friday March 28th * Monday April 14th * Monday May 19th * Wednesday June 18th* Monday July 21st * Monday August 04th * Wednesday August 20th * Wednesday September 03rd * Wednesday September 17th

MarkI would err on the side of caution if you attend any of these at Donington. Similar days were held in December, & were not as well supervised as the days we normally attend. The following is a posting from the Easytrack forum about one of the December days:"I went on a trackday today to Donnington (not easytrack), and it was awful. I went cos I’m staying with my folks in Birmingham this week, which made it quite local for me compared to usual.It was very scary. The briefing was brief. Too brief, assumption was made that all attendees were track-day regulars. Even I felt out of place having never done donny before. No attempt to explain lines or ticky corners was made.Overtaking. This was not by consent, more by force. A number of times I let someone past, only to not be able to rejoin normal traffic, and had to let the whole group of 10+ cars past. Even under braking, even while cornering. Some git went round the outside of me round Redgate. Many gits went past me through craners.Flags. Red mainly. The grass was too wet to drive on, so every spin meant a red flag. No-one got black flagged, though half the people should have been. No blues either, cos people forced past you instead.It was open pit, with 44 cars counted on track at once, on the shorter circuit, in torrential rain. Some, like me and other Mazdas had Yoko A539’s on, which are allergic to water. Others were Cossies, Imprezas and Mitsibishis, which were many seconds a lap quicker and quite intimidating.It’s a great circuit though, I recommend you go, but with a more sensible track-day company, easytrack for example."The same guy then posted this:"Ok, I’ve edited tape 2. 20 mins of driving, most of it under red flag conditions, about 4-5 laps, plus 5 mins on the pit wall.In that time, here are some bits I saw:Video 1: Taken from the pit wall, this gives you an idea of how busy it was.Video 2: Taken from in-car. Shows;My speed compared to others. Not that the others were racing… oh no… just following agressively.Overtaking on corners, first the cossie past me, then the 996 past the scooby.Jesus, where did you come from? followed by; if you let one past, you’re not getting back into the traffic flow. This was like trying to join the fast lane on the M1.Overtaking under red flag: I move over to let someone past, and the session goes red. 3 people pass me afterwards."Sorry, but I don’t know to make the video links above work - you could always register on & search the forum for the thread "Forgive me father, for I have sinned."Don’t let me put you off, just keep your eyes peeled! [This message has been edited by Pesky (edited 21 January 2003).]

Thanks for the warning Peksy. Shame as you would have thought the Track itself would be even more safety concious!! I was really looking forward ot doing Donington again on the right back tyres this time!!I wonder if anyone has had a go at CC on one of these days before. I have been there for their track try days and they were spot on professional. I may book one for a test out go and report back.

I did a Castle Combe day 18 months back, it was good with no problems all day. Makes a change from there action days they run there.I would say at �140 its very good value for money.I will be back there again this year [image][/image]

Just seen the “evidence” on the Donnington “race” I mean track day! That looks sooooo scary, in the wet as well just to really give it some real spice!..Pesky, I assume that’s how not to do a track day?!

PeterBookatrack days, in particular, are the ones to attend [image][/image]Clearly explained “rules”, which make the days as safe as possible, whilst ensuring everyone has an enjoyable time on track.

Awww… blessOwe you a pint Rob [image][/image]