Donnington 19th and 20th

Hi Guys - Sorry if this is in the wrong section…

Is anyone going next weekend? Might there be an section of the car park where we can all park together in some sort of ‘I’ve got an Exige and you havn’t so your not parking with us’ mer meerr or just roughing it with the rest
The Elan is a bit sick at the Moment so will be there on Sunday with my Orange beastie!



who is running the trackday at donnington?

i’m thinking of buying an exige and would appreciate a track passenger ride if possible ?
Also are there any other exiges going as it would be good to see different colour options.

It isn’t a track day, it’s a show. Pay �7.50 to enter a big shed full of lotus cars and parts. To just browse cars, park up and wander around the car park, there’ll be hundreds of Lotuses of all ages and flavours.