Donington Yesterday

Given that my car is still with TurboTechnics (it’s not their fault this time… the rolling road company can’t fit them in for a few weeks)… I had to cancel my trackday at Donington yesterday… My friend Brian (Green Elise) twisted my arm to go along and spectate… So I went in the Skyline…Jonny (BookaTrack organiser) took pity on me and said that if I wanted, I could put in a few laps with the Skyline !! TOP LAD !Well… I wasn’t originally going to go around… but soon the temptation got the better of me and I went out on the track…The car felt very wierd compared to an Elise, being sat so high up (relatively) and so quiet (hard to judge speed) but soon it was flying around the track, throwing foot long flames out of the back like a good-un…In a straight line, not much could touch it, reaching over 135mph under the Dunlop bridge and 120+mph along the start straight…Corners were a different matter however, given how detached the car felt (no noise, power steering etc), with tyres squealing at every opportunity. It soon occurred to me though that the car was perfectly happy like that… accelerating hard out of Coppice nudging 100mph the car went into this long tail-out drift that felt utterly composed…I’m going back again !! There were 3 Exiges there on the day ?2 EGX (Black) that seemed to be going quite well, a New Aluminium Exige and a Chrome Orange (that I saw being overtaken by a Fiat Punto !! Oh the shame of it !!)

It was me in the Black Exige (L2 EXG), had a brill day - love Open pit lane but had one endurance session of around 40mins and the car was starting to get a bit warm… Day started badly tho… it was a friend of mine who bent the 968 Porsche, thankfully he’s OK… Thought it was your Skyline, unfortunately X111FLY couldn’t make it to Donnington… Fortunately I managed to pass the Punto once or twice as well as the ‘Demon Tweeks’ Maestro…

I thought it was you, and kept meaning to come over and say “Hi”, but either you car was unattended or something else was going on.That Porsche looked very second hand… That’s the 2nd bookatrack day in a row now where someone has seriously bent their car within the first half hour (track still greasy).We soon followed in a green Elise after he’d hit the tyre wall. He looked like John Cleese kicking and thumping his car in anger after he’d got out. Any news on whether it’s economically repairable ?