Donington Track Days


Tracksport have contacted me to say that if we can get ten cars to one of the following, we can have 10% discount:-

22 June (GP Circuit)
23 July (National)

The standard price is �195, I make that �175 with the discount. The days are open pit and there is a 98 db noise limit. There would be further concessions for 15 and 20 cars.

If you want to book, quote, at

See you there,


Eerily silent on this thread… anyone planning to make the one at the end of this month then?

I had forgotten about this one, butwant to go.
Who’s going?

I would have been there …

I’ll be there
Enjoyed the exiges day and donnington so much that I cant wait to go back.

Anyone else going ?

Bugger, just spent all my money on Silverstone

Is that the EVOactive day on the 21st of this month per chance…


No, the LOT day on the 3rd Aug

Never mind, anyone here planning on doing the EVO day ?

I was all hot to trot for the Donington day, but now definitely can’t make the date

Might be up for the EVO day instead though – it’s the right side of 200 quid and I’ve never been on the circuit at Silverstone before. Anyone done one of the EVO days before? I gather they’re sessioned, which I tend to avoid but I’m willing to keep an open mind…

Can’t go now.

And all the other trackdays down south seem to be on weekdays, and I can’t spaere weekdays