Donington Track Days

OK OK. So I’m a big wussy for always going to the same track… however…I’m booked into the following track days:Fri 20th July - Donington (evening) �99Mon 19th Nov - Donington �159All done through Don’t let the fact that it appears fully booked put you off… if you pay online, you can jump over those who haven’t confirmed.

David…do you know other roads exist besides the one from your house to Donington…big question is have TT definitely promised to have your back to you for then?

I know many other roads, but none North of Donington are worth travelling on [image][/image]TT reckon the car will back with me week commencing 9th July, so that’s 13th July at the latest.

you really must get out and socialise more…if not for your sake for that of your car!!!

quote:Originally posted by Admin5:Fri 20th July - Donington (evening) �99Open pitlane too, and well undersubscribed for the last evening event, plus looks like it will be the full circuit.

David…will you have your car back in time?