Donington - today

Had a great day, it was good to meet up with some of you guy’s, Brendon, Pesky, 83man. Hope you all had a good time. I thought Book a Track had got it right - well done chaps.

I had a great time too. Nice meeting up with everybody. Thanks Ant for getting your mate (I can’t remember his name) to give me a few pointers. Hope you get to the bottom of your handling issues.Thanks to Pesky for the sticker. I’ll stick it on the next time the car’s nice and clean. Sorry I didn’t get time for more of a chat, but the track was calling [image][/image]Thanks to Steve & Martin for selling me one of your fab diffusers.

Hi All,Yeah, I had a great time too and nice to meet some new faces - welcome to the silly grin club!Pity that it was so greasy all day but at least you can experiment a bit in such conditions. I only had 2 scary moments in what must have been nearly 200 track miles so perhaps I wasn’t trying hard enough!A Good day.RegardsMike

Brendan - Glad you enjoyed Pete Chambers pointers. He’s one hell of driver! He’s doing the upgrade to the brakes, quick shift gear (Pesky’s idea), Air flow by the rear number pate, ala Pesky and a few other bits. I�ve ordered the diffuser, thought it looked great for �100. I couldn�t believe the difference in taking the anti-roll bar off completely. The car handled so much better in the wet, it would be nice to get some adjustment at the back, next year I hope!