Donington Sunday 4th December

Bookatrack have a few places left and the weather could be drying out.

I usually drive a Caterham Superlite but will be giving the Exige a run out tomorrow.

Can see two other Exiges currently listed - an S2 and a very poorly S1 (only 99bhp!).

Would love to but ours is poorly still.

how much is it for tomorrow>?

how much is it for tomorrow>?

�150 and open pitlane and forecast for tomorrow is:

"Fog and low cloud lifting, then sunny spells and just a small chance of showers. Maximum temperature 9 deg C (48 deg F). "


trackdays are generally split into either sessioned or open pitlane.

open pitlane means that you have access to the circuit for as much time as you want from when the circuit opens in the morning to when it closes in the evening (subject to a stoppage for lunch). There will be a limit to the number of cars allowed on circuit at any one time but in practice it can be rare to have to queue in the pitlane for any length of time.

sessioned usually means a 20 minute window each hour in a set grop of cars (usually divided in groups according to experience and/or car potential).

Obviously the open pitlane is the most flexible and gives greater opportunity to get in more tracktime. Sessions can be cut short if a car in your group has a mechanical failure or goes off the circuit, and so can be quite frustrating if you are out for 2 minutes and then red flagged for a stoppage which then takes the rest of your session away, ie you get 20 mins on circuit in 2 hours!

thanks for your help im gonna try and make it 05 plate s2 saffron yelloe sunstrip