Donington Report

What a good day it was…There were few enough cars to operated an open pitlane strategy, which meant we could come and go as we pleased, and not stuck to regimented time slots.Driving didn’t really get started 'til about 12-noon, as thick fog besieged the track.Anywho, once out, the track was dry and I was flying !Only one car passed me briefly, and this was while I worked heat into my new Yellow Stuff pads.Once, they were warmed up, Evos, 22B’s, Imprezas and Skylines were my prey !Back in the pits, bewildered Evo + 22B drivers who’d outpaced me at previous track had to concede that the Exige was a much faster car than their cars on the track today.Those EBC yellow pads are truly awesome, allowing you to brake REALLY late with zero fade after a few laps.On top of this, I always had a passenger on board… if I’d gone solo things would have been even faster…Only one scary moment… going through Craner curves at around 110mph and I had a lapse of concentration, and turned in late and too tight… the car went into momentary oversteer [image][/image] the car got it’s line back, but it was enough to slow me down for a few laps.Top stuff !So for you guys out there driving around like pansies, get your Exige on the track where it belongs, and kick arse. There’s no such thing as a slow Exige, only a slow driver.

Excellant stuff, boss [image][/image]The write up on Scoobynet confirms everything you say - you’ll have to give me some lessons [image][/image]