Donington Pictures

Steve Green’s lady kindly took some photos of my car while whizzing around Donington circuit: [Click to enlarge any of them] [image][/image] Preparing to go (Steve Green in passenger seat) [image][/image] Heading out [image][/image] Raring to go [image][/image] Coming out of the Esses [image][/image] Overtaking an MX5 on the start straight.(Bloody MX5’s were road hogs without rear-view mirrors, mutter … mumble) [image][/image] Me (Blue shirt) and some muppets from the Scoobynet BBS [ Charles (aka Chuckster) nearest in check-shirt - Mad Matt Civic Type-R bloke with green hat, and Malcolm (Chucks bro’ in law) in the yellow puffa ][This message has been edited by Admin5 (edited 13 November 2000).]