Donington Photos

I managed to nip out of the office and get some pictures of the first session after lunch, click on any picture to get a high quality image. [This message has been edited by Rod (edited 24 September 2001).]

You don’t waste any time !Great pics Rod

RodDid you notice that I slowed down to make sure you got decent piccies? [image][/image] [image][/image] [image][/image]Old fart (S55 RWH)

I only had about an hour at the track, but the few snaps I got turned out alright.However, perhaps you need to check out Jonny’s abilities : and some of the cars in other sessions :

Well Done! Nice pictures and quick too. Despite the weather it was a good day out. many thanks.Mike (X48 UOM)

Looks as though you all had a good time, the closest i got was to visit my naked car at the garage !I’ll be posting some pictures shortly in case anyone is interested to see an Exige with no clothes on [image][/image]David, How did your car go ? and how many tanks of fuel did you get through !

A Few more pics

Nice one Brannan [or does Pippa deserve the credit [image][/image] ]

There mainly all Bran’s Handy work Pesky

Excellent piccies !!Nice one Brannan

Hi Brannan - any chance of mailing me the original to PIC00005.jpg for my wallpaper? [email protected]re.comCheers

You got it!