Donington Park 23 October 2023

3 x S1s on track and one of them in a colour I’d never seen on anything other than an Elise - Nautilus Blue (others were New Aluminium & Titanium). Great day, chatted to plenty and walked up to the outside of Coppice and then back infield to McCleans.



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What a superb set of images there @PaulT . Thanks for sharing.

My favourite colour for a s3 I think.

Good effort there, PT. I like the Nautilous Blue. Spoke to a guy with one at Silverstone Classic a few years ago. Can’t remember if that’s the car.

Not got my Exige back yet so I couldn’t make it - almost there though…


Great pics.

If you gave me the choice to have one of the cars in the top 2 pictures, I’d be umming and aring for hours.

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Fantastic day. Haven’t done Donny since I had an Exige S2.

Much faster when I found I only needed to use 3rd gear once rather than 4 times :grinning:

The Dony National track is definitely a 4th gear track. Clutch went last year in my Caterham Roadsport so drove all day in 4th (car goes slower in 5th).