Donington MX5 Spin

Small video of the MX5 spin towards the end of the day.
Unfortunately I was in prime position and picked up a few battle scars. Broken driving light, number plate, and few minor paint chips. Never mind.


Sorry about the rear view mirror, but if you’re interested is the Sector 111 micro mirror. If it had been the original you wouldn’t have been able to see anything

I can’t view that I wasn’t too far behind either, infact on his bumper at that point on the previous lap where he nearly lost it. A combination of showing off while talking to his passenger


Looked like the silver one almost went too

Ouch, you can hear the stones hitting your car I wasn’t far behind either

I can’t view that

Not working for me either

WHo was driving the MX-5s?


Dammmed things were a menace. Got more stone chips and windscreen chips on that day then ever before… maybe they work for a paint shop?