Donington - Mid Engined series

Sunday 10th October, Donington meet. We are the fourth race, so race around 3 - 4 ish, with qualifying 10.30 - 11.00 ish. There is also some of us in the endurance race later, in which I believe there are some guest entries, including Mr G Kershaw, sharing an Exige.

At lunchtime there is a drivers meeting to discuss next year, to which anyone who is interested is welcome.

Last race of the season folks - see you there.

Hopefully I’ll be there. You going to have your car for the race, Russ? Or are you sharing again?

Hopefully, my car. If not, I am sharing Matts in the endurance as well. I think he will prolly want to drive it in the mid-engined race! I may hire one if mine is not ready.

If your car’s not ready, maybe you could use the Lambo

Yeah, why not ? It’s mid engined after all

It’s mid engined after all

Bernard, I having a cunning plan…

Drop an Audi in it? Even that cannot get 500 brake and last longer than 5 minutes…?

My Nissan is Mid-Engined, can I enter that?

Actually I see no reason why you can’t, if the westfield can, cos that’s just about a prototype…

You’d be guaranteed first place of course, provided you only drove at warm-up pace !!!

If they let me enter I would do it…

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Don’t know if Diddy and I can make it…SWMBO!

Quite a few of the NYLOC brigade are venturing down. If anyone heading S down the M1 intend meeting up at Woodall services (between J31 an J30) at 0900hrs ish

We’ll be venturing northwards…see you all on Sunday.
Simon and Elaine

Extra-ordinary pass issued by the base commander - me an Diddy will be there!!!

The meeting for anyone interested in racing next year is 1pm in the sign-on office at Donny.