Donington Evening Session - 5th August


I don’t normally post dates up and won’t be making a habit of it so don’t worry but thought this may interest some of you.

As an experiment we taking a couple of sessions on an evening at Donington with MG’s On Track.

We have a full session for the regular trackday drivers and a session for beginners. Max of 25 cars a session.

As it’s something we are trying it will only cost �60 per car. This is for 3 x 20mins sessions starting at 5pm.

If anyone is interested drop me a PM or an email at <[email protected]>.


Whats the noise limit for a Donnington eveing session.

Is there one ?

I imagine the jets taking off from East Midlands will be more than 105 dBa at 5000rpm

I wish it was.

It’s usually 98dB drive by.

and I run 101

Get a proper exhaust then

As an aside, I was tested at Oulton on Tuesday - 96.2db @ 5000rpm (yep, I know!), that’s with an Edwards silencer & an Eliseparts silenced decat pipe.

Just possibly mine can be repacked, but it is more likely a case of not driving too close to the microphone…

I think I was overtaking, so had to drive right next to it, rather than 30 feet away!!!