Donington 9th March

Hi All,

I am running a track day at Donington for VSCC (short circuit - no Melbourne Loop) on Wed 9 Mar. It is under-subscribed so now my mates get an invite… Cost is �148 for a full day in sessions (at least 2 am and 2 pm). If you want a place call me at the office (01608 644777 Ext 4) with your credit card in your hand…

Full ATDO rules and cover.


How many groups and what length sesions are you running if you are only guarenteeing two am and two pm sesions. Not having a dig, just interested to know.


That depends how many takers I get but you’ll get at least 2 hrs track time I reckon.

I have to cater for Vintage and open wheelers as well so probably at least three groups each getting at least 4 sessions of 30 mins.

Thought you meant that the session started at 2am!!! Been to see night races but night trackdays Learned to read now and realised what you meant…still cannot make it though

Anyone else?

Are there still spaces… I may well be interested.

Hi, Sorry not to get back to you for a couple of days but I was at Stoneleigh on Sunday and didn’t log in yesterday.

There is still space - give me a call in the office, 01608 644777 Ext 4