Donington - 5th Feb with Bookatrack

Is anyone else from here going tomorrow - if so come and say hello - I’ll be in one of the BAT cats.

Uldis - if you see this…just been watching your videos of Donington - what camera and mounting setup do you have it looked really steady and gave a nice full view?

Im going down to have a look whats going on but wont be racing.

I got this one:

It’s the top one.

I have a Thompson Mini-DV camera (just like the JVC one) and put it in the rear glass just in the middle with the camera mounted as low as possible, so that the lens was more or less shoulder level.

Good mount!

I have this same mount and I can confirm that even with a heavy old-fashioned camera it is roxteddy (sorry Mikey )

Just get one !!!

Thanks for the info Uldis - I have the same mount but nowhere near the same angle of vision so I guess its done to my camera - a Sony TRV33.

I think I need to investigate some waterproof bullet cams…

By the way an excelent day today with a really diverse range of cars including caterfields, elises, an Exige, an original Motorsport Elise (in red), BMWs, a Trans Am, Escort MkII, Audi S4, Porsche, Mini Cooper…and nearly forgot a E type Jag!

A dry morning was excellent for concentrating on the lines and then some rain after lunch was great to goon in.