Donington 29th August

Who else will be there on Sunday - some fantastic race cars to watch - including, I’m led to believe, Gav driving Paul Whight’s Group C Aston Martin?

Times Here

I’ve put it in my diary…been wanting to watch the Group c cars for some time now…so if the weather is good will be running down the M1

Well I went and had a great day of it…

Arrived in time to watch the historic ex GP cars queuing to get onto track from the paddock and was pleased that you could get as close to them as you wanted - some really interesting types there and very close racing at the front between a Chevy engined Penske and an old BRM. the ex Williams Saudia was also being thrown around…thing he might have spun twice in the first race!

Group C cars were the most intersting for me and had a good vantage point at Redgate to watch them all going round 3 abrest on the 1st lap. Unfortunately Gavin K spun out on the corner following Craners and end in the gravel. Not sure if there was a mechanical reason for this as disappontingly it did not come out for the second race. The Silk Cut Jags were pretty impressive along with a small red car liveried up in Royal Mail colours & logo (I kid you not!)

The 2nd Historic GP race got very exciting with a huge downpour halfway through which resulted in me getting soaked. Amazingly it seemed a cue for many people to leave, who then missed the best part of the racing on drying lines for the 2nd half of the race and then further a race from the Group C boys.

I cant say any of the races was boring -even the SEAT cup boys put on a good show akin to BTCC at times as 3 or 4 cars went bumper to bumper into corners.

All this and only �10 - excellent value and Donny is such a good track to spectate from, with so much visible and nowhere being that far a walk.

Glad you had a good day steve.

My aunt use to be the PA to one of Derek Bell’s LeMan cars. Arranging all it’s bookings, transport, drivers, etc. I hope they’re still about in a few years for my little guy to enjoy.



Sorry we didn’t meet up. Watched most of the races along the stretch from Redgate to McCleans - saw plenty of “action” down the Cransers & at the Old Hairpin.

As you quite rightly say, there were some fabulous cars to get close up to, & the noise was fantastic

We must have been wandering around passing each other as that’s where we spent most of our time.

Thanks for the heads up on the event by starting the thread…hope you post some more reminders…