Donington 24-08-03 Track Day

Hello, i have been given the task of organising a day at Doningotn in conjunction with the MG Owners and MX5 Owners clubs on August Bank Holiday Sunday for SELOC [].Now having met a few of your chaps at Donny last Nov it would be great if you can go to this one, i need the Exige support to be honest. I will not paste it all here but log onto or have a look at the thread [] for all the details.It will be a cracking day out and if you have not joined yet please do as the discounts (benefits section) alone, matter the events section avaiable to members is great in my view. Mark.

Hey MarkHow are you?I have registered for this with you on SELOC… but I have been wondering, could you let me know what you think about us having 40 cars out on Donnington during our 20minutes?It seems like a lot to me?? I have never driven Donnington and its on my priority list of places to go however, I’d really like to do it without worrying too much about the traffic.Can anyone allay my fears ?? lmkcheers & regards

Rox i attended at Donny before with a similar number of cars per session and it worked out well. Overtaking was fine and not held up as the track itself is long enough in my view.I can understand your concerns but i feel it will be fine. Any other people want to comment on this one? Mark?

Hi All, IMHOThe Short track at Donny is 1.9573 miles and, for racing, 32 starters are permitted. The long circuit is 2.5 miles and 34 starters are allowed for racing.The racing limit takes into account the massed start and all of the cars ariving at corners together during the first few laps.40 cars spread over the entire circuit (and not competing for corners) should leave plenty of room for all.Mike

Thanks Mike, are you going to join us then sir?? Mark.

Mark,I might, but a bit too early to commit. Donington is a great circuit. One day I’ll get to drive it in the dry!Mike