Donington 18th Feb

One or two decent photos [image][/image]

Even a picture of you on the black stuff.

Says 404 file not found [image][/image]

quote:Originally posted by Admin5:Says 404 file not found [image][/image]Link is working for me (& presumably Matt). Perhaps try PS I’ve tried to resist asking, but I’m too weak - what bloody car are you after now???PPS You really missed a cracking day yesterday - The Flying Gravestock was in fine form, even though he “wasn’t trying” [image][/image] [image][/image] [image][/image]

Donnington was a great day out, and we were very lucky with the weather (dry all day).I tried out my new Avon slicks & like them lots & lots. This was my first track day for a while, but when I’ve got my hand back in, I feel sure they are going to be faster than the yoko’s I tried at the end of last year. Pesky was loads quicker than is his last visit to Donny so I’ve decided to give him no more advice. Although hiding himself in the gravel trap at Regate was not in the script.Good to meet a few more faces to go with the names on the board.Trevor

quote:Originally posted by trevor:Although hiding himself in the gravel trap at Redgate was not in the script.Driver error, pure & simple [image][/image] In saying that, my front tyres are due to be replaced -they’ve managed 14500 miles including 7 track days, so I shouldn’t complain, but car was starting to understeer quite badly after a session of 10 or so laps!

you need to change the angle of attack of the “zimmer” bar pesky [image][/image]

quote:Originally posted by roger x:you need to change the angle of attack of the “zimmer” bar pesky [image][/image]Good point. What angle is your’s adjusted to, old boy, & I’ll try the same setting? [image][/image]