Donington 15th October

I’m booked for this day, and I think the esteemed Mr Admin is coming…

(How could he cancel, now that I am going! )

Anyone else?

Who is running it and are you staying locally .
Bit of a trip from Bristol in the morning of the event??

who’s it with?
how do you book

I’m in

BookaTrack… the track day organising gods.


I’m all booked up

I’m all kitted up, in my new racesuit

I want to, but depends on my wife being able to change her working arrangements so she can stay with the kids on Sat.

Here’s hoping…

Anybody staying locally on the Friday night??

Well, my wife gave me the go ahead

Booked. Unless something changes, see you there!

Ok, changes. Family time.
Just cancelled.

those of you coming tomorrow

see you there bright and early

those of you that aren’t, think of us having fun

those of you that aren’t, think of us having fun

Yep, have a good day guys

I’ll be out at Oulton, thanks to the stupendous efforts of the Edwards Boyz, & Ben @ Nitron

it was a great day, hope you guys had fun up at oulton

thanks to mike and jez for taking me out in there exiges

audi exiges are super quick

I need more power

It was indeed a great day…

I did just over 210 miles - a great feeling taking the Craners at around 120… The car felt very balanced - thanks Guy (Nitron !!)

I went out in Dave’s (Maddog) Elise and we had a great time, twitching on just about every corner - the boy has nerve !!!

Probably the next best part was Porche swatting…

Two GT2s and one GT3RS - cruise up behind them and “bye bye”

I went out in Dave’s (Maddog) Elise and we had a great time, twitching on just about every corner - the boy has nerve !!!


Thank you for your kind words
I need nitrons and about 100 more horsepower (200 would be better)then I’ll be quick

Dear father christmas please please please…


As in “the boy done well” - it’s not an age reference!!!


Good day I thought. I was the speccy twat in black with the leather jacket following the around BT52s if anyones wondering who this weirdo is…

Lots of interesting metal [what was the deal with that NASCAR thing?] and while I wasnt out that much, the rides with Your Admin and MarkBT52 were top fun.

I would just like to add that an XJR makes a terribly relaxing track car. The poor bloke in the stripped, track spec Golf VR6 gave us a funny look as we wafted past heading towards 130 on the last straight before the pits…

Not sure about those porkers tho - the GT2 and GT3RS were making a slow moving convoy in the morning, but they seemed to be getting a bit more boot in the afternoon [from the makeshift pit wall anyway] but I didnt see them when I was out later in the day. The GT3RS sounded gobsmackingly visceral though, which is always nice…

Your admins Skoda Exige is a bit quick by the way, but the engine cover needs to be from a Skoda IMO rather than pretending to be from a high class marque
60-100mph is dispatched in a shockingly short time, and it pulled to 130 with ease. It’s also the first car I have been in where you can geniunely feel it being pushed into the ground, especially just at the dunlop bridge - its only when I got a ride in that big black monster that I realised just how steep that drop is, last time I was out at Donno is was a bit frosty and Mrs BT52 managed to get the car to jump a foot to the right going over that in the morning, I can see why now…! That big carbon tray on the arse of the Skodige is for more than just show. And it was good to see it was in Full [censored] Position also. [AKA set the highest setting]

MADDOG - my good man Clayton [the big, blond bespectacled lump of a lad] was very impressed with your arse out antics - just so you know. I would have asked myself but you seemed to be a bit busy so I left you to it

Right, better go do some work. Tell your admin to get his arse online and post his opinions

Yep, a most excellent day.

So many people to talk to, meaning I didn’t get enough time with Mike Lane or Alan Nagle. Next time hopefully !

As Steven says, the downforce going under the Dunlop bridge was very noticable.

i need more power before I get more downforce