Don’t you love the Summer

Ok, this may seem rather random, but I just had to tell someone:

I popped down to Henley today, and in a 15min round trip, I saw�

An AMV8 Vantage
2 DB7 Vantages
A DB9 Volante
A Lamborghini Gallardo
An F355 Spyder
A 360 Spyder
A 550 Maranello
A Mk1 GT3
A brace of 987 Boxsters
And a dark blue S1 Exige (doubt it was Randy�s though, driven far to sedately )

Don�t you love the Summer �

WOW i wish i lived in somewhere a bit more alive with fast cars, pembrokshire is a bit out in the sicks i think and just thought i’d say i wish i was in Le Mans right now, pleanty of nice cars there!!!

I think that’s more to do with the average income of Henley residents David!

I live in Scunthorpe, and I saw.

349 White vans (All at MACH 5)
53 Pimped up hot hatches with dustbin exhausts and neons.
1 Thundersly Invacar
2 Mk4 Cortinas
9 Nissan Taxis (various models)
29 Screeching, fizzing mopeds. (riders had feet out on rear pegs. obv)
42 Buses with no passengers
1 Tunneling maching driven by Doug McClure.


I live in Scunthorpe, and I saw.


The BiB were everywhere over the weekend, must have passed 5 Scamera van locations. The basts