Dolomiti gear shifter for Lotus Toyota cars - Designed, built and tested in the Dolomiti.

Italian Lotus owner Manuel has developed a precision gear shifter for his S2 Exige Cup 260, which also fits the V6 Exige and S2/3 Elise Toyo models.

He has produced a batch of these and has them advertised on Seloc. Fits RHD and LHD cars.

Below is pic of an Aust installation and the Dolomiti testing ground.

As well as replacing the blue ball lever pivot with stainless steel and hard anodised aluminium caps, all other movement is on precision ball bearings, with an attractive stainless frame.

Shifter lever throw is fully adjustable for shorter shifting - Shift and Crossgate motion.

Worth considering for those with 07>17 ‘blue ball’ shifters, when the time comes.

For more info contact Manuel: [email protected]

Hell of a view.
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Dolomiti shifter

Yes beautiful laser cut stainless frame and no issues mounting handbrake and the handbrake light switch.

Maker has eliminated all slop from lever movement and has reduced friction in the mechanism with precision roller bearings.

Big benefit is being able to adjust for a shorter lever throw - Gear shift and Cross-gate operation which eliminates need to alter shift mechanism at gearbox end to achieve shorter shifter movement.

If you dont have SSC cables, he can supply rod ends to attach to your present cables for more precision.

Install thread coming from Australian Exige owner soon. More info: [email protected]

Here is close up of the shifter mechanism - showing alum caps that enclose stainless lever pivot ball.

Dolomiti gear shifter

I see that due to strong demand another batch of this shifter is in production.

Have seen it installed in an Exige and impressed with the quality and precision movement
and gear lever stroke is easy to adjust to your preference.

He is offering some discounts on selected options if ordered soon.

or email Manuel: [email protected]

I could be interested in this, but I’m not especially ‘hands on’, so would be good to understand a cost for complete installation. Or parts plus likely labour.

Manuel advises me -

If DIY, with a bit of mechanical knowledge and the right tools, he thinks around 10/12 hours to install the kit.

This time does not include changing the gear cables. Add about 4hours if done at the same time, an hour or so more if done later.

All the components are in the kit, you only need to have the tools to fit - including a nutsert tool - fixings and a template is provided to locate these .

He thinks a Lotus workshop should do shifter and cables in 6/8 hours.

You need to add some time to find the perfect setup to fit under the stock console cover as
you can adjust the central 3/4 shift position and the lever stroke for shift and cross-gate movement.

Will not fit under the standard console if set to the shortest possible stroke.

You do not need to change anything at the gearbox end.

Here is short vid of shortest lever stroke:

Manuel’s email is [email protected]

Soon available:

informations regarding the cost:

photo album:

youtube channel:

Shifters are sold out.
You can preorder your with a reduced starting price within september 2022.
[email protected]