dogs b***ocks

just bought an exige what a car!
drove from reading to kingston and back,2 people tooted as they drove passed me with thumbs up, stopped for gas young kid asked me what it was and then ran and told his dad,2 ladies in the petrol station asked what the thing on the roof is and did i race it on the track -talk about getting attention! on the downside one mr2 turbo a 16v cavalier and a M5 bmw all wanted to race, but i did notice they all waited for a straight bit of road! Im going to have to get use to the good and the bad attention.

Say goodbye to being able to privately pick your nose in your car!

If you’re in Reading I’m near Basingstoke. It’s been a while since the southern Hampshire/Berkshiure mob met up. Perhaps an end of season refresher is in order.


I would be happy to get together some time - I’m near Bristol

Can I come out and play? I promise not to mention, surfboards, roof-racks, or tow-bars.

Can we make that an berkshire/oxfordshire meet up ?

I too am up for the Oxfordshire meet, I don’t however have an Exige yet

Note the yet, she will be mine, oh yes, she will.

I’m a good passenger…aren’t I Gman!!!

OK then … there seems to be some intent, guess someone needs to open the discussion on time/dates/places?

Well I didn’t start this so it ain’t going to be me!

Okay, let’s start with location.

Berkshire - Oxfordshire - Hampshire - Bristol

Hmm? Henley? Swindon?

Newbury is on the doorstep to the New Forest…

And it is on the A34 which comes straight from Oxford…

And it is just off the M4 from Bristol…

Ok, I buy Newbury!

Any other ideas/thoughts?

Now, when? Weekend or evening?


well up 4 a gathering, hampshire or berkshire or… who cares getting there is part of the fun!!!

We need a date then…

Newbury’s good. I think it’ll have to be a weekend because some people have a ways to go … and the M4 on a weekday evening isn’t a lot of fun!

Plus I’ve got friends there … though he works for Microsoft & drives a scoobie-do … so, probably not that close a friend really

We are talking September aren’t we?

weekend in sept sounds good to me. newbury a ok 2.
which weekend day time?
anyone got any preferences?

I still haven’t had a holiday yet and will be murdered by the wife (or worse, she keeps threatening the car’s well being ) if we don’t go away in Sept. So as soon as I know when that’ll be I’ll let you know.


Ian - why not go away… to Newbury ???

Seriously my diary is free on Sat 13th, Sun 14th and Sat 20th currently

The earlier the better, I’d even do the 6/7th!! That way if the weather man says the chosen weekend is going to be a washout we can re-schedule. I try to avoid going out in the rain, it play havoc with my perm!

I’ve got a girlfriend state-side and I’ve got to go visit sometime in Sept too. One (or maybe two) less summer weekends when I can take the Exige out

That’ll teach me to make promises …


This is grossly unfair - got to the end of the Sprinting season and was looking forward to some off season social events.

Won’t be to much fun with the engine on the garage floor though - it blew up at the last event at Goodwood

Dave Andrews and a large cheque here we come

Sorry to hear about your engine Mark

It sounded on good form when we met at Coombe !!

Dave A is a star, but be prepared to get your hands very very dirty!!

Right, to get this thread back on track … I say Newbury, 20th mid-morning! Anyone up for it?

OK, that’s my 2p worth …

Hmmm, this’ll be my first ‘social’ in the little Red beastie