Does me bum look big?

Sorry for the non Lotus content, but…


Bloody nice car though


Rob - pics not loading…

Uncle Mike

Working for me.

Anyone else having difficulty seeing the pics?

okay up here…

Nop! Narda! Zip! Na’ding!

Looks a bit cheap and nasty to me

Pesky, your pics don’t seem to show-up in your posting but they do for me below??!



Looks like the exhaust spits a bit of flame!

The main problem I have with this car is that it’s seats are made of the clever comfy Tempur foam stuff and the main thing I want to do is open one of those funky doors and get comfortable - and that’s just not right in a 200+mph monster!


And now yours are working too!?!! How very darn odd, I haven’t even been drinking (not until at least 9am, I make it a rule! ).



Hmm… I can’t see either sob

Can I just say my usual response to that question; “yes, your bum looks f**king huge!”

Can I just say my usual response to that question; “yes, your bum looks f**king huge!”

That’s the smooth talk lurrrved by Essex girls, then?

I thought they said “Shut the door, I don’t like it with the lights on!”


Hello all…
As these are my pics, I can shed some light on the issue!
The pics don’t show up in the thread because they’re in a part of my site that won’t allow it. They show for some people because the images will be in their own, or their proxy servers, cache.
To view the pages they’re on, you can check out the pages themselves:

and also:

Feel free to check out the rest of the site, there’s loads of Lotus pics (no Exige tho’… sorry )
You can also upload your own pics for forum display if you like in the public gallery (resizes pics to forum friendly).

Hope that expains everything!

Oh now that is good looking indeed… Unlike a fair few Essex girls


Hope you didn’t mind me linking to your site. Also, sincere apologies for not “crediting” the photos to your goodself in my original post.

Cracking photos, by the way

No probs at all Mr Pesky! The pics are there for viewing and sharing.
I’ll add this forum to the allowed sites so the inline pics will show up, but it’ll be later in the day. I’ve had issues in the past with people taking liberties with my bandwidth so restricted it, but I don’t mind opening it up to friendly communities

And thanks for the comments , I was rather pleased with the last set, hopefully I’ll get some Exige pics sometime soon, they’re pretty photogeninc but I don’t recall seeing any at any trackday I’ve been to…

Hank, cheers for that.

Surprised you’ve not seen Exiges on track, cos there a large number of us who are track regulars. Keep an eye on the “Events & Meets” section, & come & say hello - passenger rides will be available, if you want.

We are to noisy for the likes of Goodwood

Aaaahh… that’ll explain it!
Would you not make it on a 105 day?

Due to rubbish things like work and travelling for miles, I don’t get around as much as I would like but I’m looking to get to a few more far-flung venues in the summer. I’ll keep my eyes peeled…

Ohhh how often do they do a 105 days??

may just be ok