Dodgy Rack

Hi All,Not sure if this constitutes a ‘known problem’, as I don’t recall seing any posts on the topic before, but I noticed a certain “looseness” about the front of my Exige today. On investigating back home, I detect movement in the rack. It seems that it is either coming loose or is developing some end play (it’s not the track rod ends). It’s the sort of movement you ‘feel’ rather than ‘see’. From the right side it feels to be coming from the left and from the left side it feels to be coming from the right!I checked the mounting bolts which are in the footwells (are there any other mounting points??) and these seem to be nice and tight so I guess it’s end play and a buggered rack. The car has done less than 6000 miles.Has anyone else had this problem??RegardsMike[This message has been edited by 83man (edited 19 May 2002).]

I developed a similar problem last year, which was resolved by tightening up those nuts you mentioned. However recently I have found a knocking on the front left wheel. This occurs when driving over uneven road surfaces at normal car speeds (not just exige speeds), this has been getting worse over time. Although it doesn’t seem to be affecting the handling much, it just doesn’t inspire you with confidence when going for it. I was wondering if my rack was on it’s way out.

Kam,Your symptoms sound similar to mine except that mine seem to have developed in no more than a day or two.Mike

Mike/KamI am pretty sure that the rack mounting bushes are a wear item - I would get these checked first before worrying about the rack.[This message has been edited by RussT (edited 20 May 2002).]

Russ,Thanks for that. Presumably these are behind the mounting bolts that appear in the footwell and that the rack has to come out to replace them?The car is in for its 6000 mile service next week so I guess I’ll have the dealer check it out.RegardsMike

I had to have a new rack after 3000 miles and just had a new ‘track rod end’ after 11.5k!!!My car has never really been driven in anger!!!Tim

I don’t know if it will turn out to apply to Exiges too, but Esprits are famous for eating racks! [image][/image]

Hi all,Time for an update on ‘dodgy rack’.The car had its 6000 mile service today and a new SS Sports exhaust.I had the engineeer take a test drive last Friday in case he felt the need to order parts for the ‘dodgy rack’. The result of this was that, whilst he agreed there was a little bit of ‘kick back’ in the steering, there was nothing obvious which was causing it. After a thorough inspection today, the conclusion is that there is nothing wrong. I’m asured that all components have been checked and all is well. I KNOW that there is a looseness there which didn’t exist before. Perhaps I’m just experiencing fair wear and tear and I must be getting more sensitive or something. So its back to full power at every available opportunity unless of course somebody out there knows something that my dealer doesn’t. Does anyone else have a ‘rattle’ which you feel through the wheel when driving over small bumps???The exhaust BTW looks and sounds superb. According to the article cribbed from the 340R site on the 190 upgrade this can be worth as much as 10 bhp at 5500rpm and about 4bhp in absolute power. Also, on the grounds that I had blown the baffles out of the standard exhaust it doesn’t seem to generate any more noise (only a nicer noise!).RegardsMike

Hi 83man!I have also noticed a small “clonk”-sound when riding over bumps. It Was there from day one, but I think it has gradually increased (not much though). It seems to be worse on the right side. I can�t say that I have felt any looseness. The car has been checked and they couldn�t find anything.