Dodgy Paintwork

My car has had a faily hard track life and the paint seems to have been almost sand blasted in places. It is very rough to the touch and mud gets engrained in it. I have to scrub at the front wings and bith doors. Round the air intakes is particularly bad. I am trying Auto Glyms paint renevator which clears out the mud, but I am not sure if there is a better solution…Apart from a respray! Are these areas usual?


After a track day I use Zymol Lehm Klay and Lehm Lube to clean down the paint (works a treat) then apply a couple layers of Titanium Glaze to protect it. All available from my website (below). OK, I know it’s a shameless plug, but it works.

Come on then, lets see a pic of the results!

I must take some pics, though I’ve just done a Zymol demo video which shows how well the paint resists water being blast at it with a 100 bar pressure washer:


is that a chrome orange car ?.. paint looks stunning