Do you have harnesses?

I currently have harnesses and they look great but I’m finding them a faff every time I get in/out and trying to reach anything from the dash, seat, footwell etc, so contemplating swapping back to seat belts.
I don’t track the car.
Are they considering safer than harnesses?

  • No
  • Yes - road car
  • Yes - track car
  • Yes - track and road car
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In isolation harness are more dangerous than a 3 point.

They only become safer on both road and track when used with a hans


I have both, but feel much safer running the standard belt on the road.

If you think that you might miss the snug fit of a harness you could try to get hold of a CG Lock.


Harnesses really restrict you leaning forward at tricky junctions to see. Properly set harnesses should be very tight and ideally and ideally have a crotch strap. Also, 3 points tend to turn you into the empty middle of the car on impact.

Harnesses are illegal for road use in many countries, with good reason.

I have both in my S1 but only use the harnesses on track.

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I have both, I only use the 3 points on the road. Just convenience in car, leaning forward to see at junctions etc.

Love having the harnesses but in reality a faff.

Agree with the consensus. Don’t have three point mounts in the 2-Eleven so forced into harnesses.

The only thing I’d add is that I really wasn’t a fan of the bolt kit to let you run both harness and belts at once for my Exige. The Lotus seat mounting is sketchy enough as it is, and adding that great big long bolt in single shear made me put it away in the drawer and never look at it again.

I had a road accident in 2000 with an S1. I’m pretty sure what saved me was the 4 point harness…even with no hans.

I suppose it all comes down to the type and severity of the accident.

Had them in my BEC Westfield as I didn’t fancy falling out in the event of an accident. Plus the steering wheel is very close to the chest.

I’ve had my S1 for over 20 years, never had an issue with the harnesses. They’re no more of a faff to use - fit, adjust, go!

A point about HANS - these should be used only with a harness specifically designed for FHR use.

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same. Have both fitted at same time. Use the 3 point most of the time and harness for track or ‘spirited’ driving

They’re factory fitted in my Cup, you get used to the faff. :rofl: