Do I need an auto electrician ...

Hi everyone

1st post - 1st time Exige owner

Want to fit a wire for a permanent power supply to speed camera detector - for safety reason only.

If I pull off the speaker trim by the drivers door, what wire am I looking for - that’s maybe live on ignition?

I’m not a competent auto electrician, but I can connect are wire - well just.

Great content on the forum - glad to be here!

wouldn’t it be easier to just use the ignition live from the stereo as the that would be near the road angel anyway?

Thanks for the reply Chris.

I was going to have it drivers side - my radio is on the left … or were you thinking to feed right up the middle for central windscreen?

I have mine mounted in the middle of the windscreen in my Audi and its a pain in the arse every time the thing goes off and you have to lean forward to stop the beeping from driving you insane especially if your strapped into harnesses! (I know you can have it on silent but then I found out the hard way that there is no point in having it then if it doesnt properly alert you)

Mine is centrally mounted and fed from between dash and windscreen. A halfords ciggy lighter socket has been wired into the ignition (inside the steering cowl) so that the feed wire/plug didn’t need to get chopped.

May be simpler to suss out and do it that way?

I think for me it is a case of familiarity … I have one in my RX8 on the right corner, so that’s where I was thinking for the Exige - easy to reach - and I’m used to looking there when a beep goes off!

Thanks for the inputs!

Take off the steering column cowl, and find the wires coming from the ignition switch. That’s how I connected up my sat nav.