DL90 GPS Mouse to a Road Angel?


Is anyone here clever enough to know whether I can some how split the cable on the GPS mouse for my DL90 (I currently have it mounted on the roof and plumbed to the interior) and subsequently use the split feed to connect to a discreetly mounted Road Angel?

The GPS mouse (referred to as a re-radiating aerial, I assume it�s the same thing) that Blackspot show on their website looks the same as my DL90 one. So what do you reckon, can I save �70 here or is life never that simple?


What connector is on the GPS?

You may be able to get a suitable splitter from Maplin or similar… Otherwise it’s get the ends and get the old wire snips out!

But I don’t see why not unless it’s powered by one of the devices then you’d only want the GPS signal to be split right?

ta, I’ll have to fish the catalogue out then.



Is where you have to look

Hey Andy,

That’s fantastic, looks like just what I need.

Right I’ve got no excuse now I�ll have to get cracking on it.