distributor and ignition leads


My distributor seems to be corroded and I wish to replace it. Is this a standard K-series items (for an S1 exige)??
What about the ignition leads? standard or would it be better to change for blus magnecor??


It’s a stock Rover part, common on all non wasted spark K series engines(1400,1600 and 1800). In view of the exposure of the HT leads to moisture I would use Silicone leads.


Thank you Dave!

I’ll order rover distributor ASAP and probably magnecor HT leads (blue or red, are these really differents?)

Erm… AFAIK the S1 Exige (VHPD) does not have a distributor, it’s electronic ignition and dual coils.

Or are you talking about an S1 Elise?

sorry for technical terms (not easy in english). Yes, it’s for an exige S1 (VHPD). It’s a square items with four plugs to fit ignition leads.
So, what about this item?

here on red:

What about the cost??

Yes, it’s the dual coils that I was talking about.
It’s a part shared with some other cars, not sure which one.
Do a serach in the site, I’m sure you’ll find it (sorry, in a rush )

There are many VHPD engines fitted with distributor caps as on the stock Elise (I have 3 of them here at the moment). However, yours has a coil pack and is wasted spark. That type of coil pack is not a Rover sourced part. There is a recent thread which suggests sourcing the coil pack from a Vauxhall (Opel) or recent model Ford. It it were me I would just clean the ternials carefully and then lubricate lightly with petroleum jelly or similar. By all means replace the leads.


magnecor order this morning
I hope I will find petroleum jelly in France (dunno what is the french translation )
Not easy to clean the ternials as it is protect by the circular plastic bit… I’ll try!

Hi Alex,

What is being done to your engine while it is out of the car? It looks very clean and tidy!

P.S. Petroleum Jelly is just Vaseline. I’m sure I have seen it in a Pharmacie in France!

Cliquez ici!

I’m not suggesting you buy it from there!

Thank you alex!
Well, if we don’t know petrolatum in France, no problem with vaseline (but this doesn’t stop electrical transmission between ternials and leads??)
I think:
1.clean the ternials
2. used vaselin
3. used an electrical contact spray without or with solvent (this one seems good to remove oxides… just a bit)
4.GO!! (with my new leads)

To answer to your question Alex about my engine:
-I remove it to used as a table for drinks … That’s beautiful, isn’t it??
-No, the previous owner has fitted the 190 motorsport lotus kit and undertaken porting work on head.

The car has only 6000 km and lots of upgrades (4-pot calipers, UCR+LSD, Sachs dampers…)
Really different from my previous S1 elise

Very nice.

Post some pictures of your car if you have some.

Thanks Alex

I’ll post some pics soonly

I’ve cleaned the ignition coil pack such Dave advice me, cleaned the rear wheel ECU sensor and changed the leads for silicone parts…

This week-end, I’ve tested it on Le mans track and the exige run without misfiring!!
(really enjoy this trackday)
Thank you

PS: the next trouble is a rattle pads with the 4-pot calipers… but that’s an other story…