Display Lights

Can anyone tell me what the dash and radio display lights are?



Nope, but these are the famous Northern Lights


Nope, but these are the famous Northern Lights

A good northern light are the one’s on offer at Aldi, the ‘naggin tackle’ brought me one home 500W garage inspection light same as [image]http://www.jayz3cee.btinternet.co.uk/mm010810520.jpg[/image] but for a fiver!! Just put it to good effect taking the diffuser and undertray off to change the oil in’t mornin. S2 fit’s ok on the ramps without catchin the front splitter by the way. Need to mod the diffuser whilst off though to make things easier, talk to you off line maybe? Didn’t get to change the oil as a nice bottle of wine and a steak won the day So that’s a job for tomorrow.

Erm, I missed the word ‘colour’ out.

I’m about to go and get a new head-unit and was wondering what display colour to go for. I remember it being an amber display on my old VX Turbo, but not sure if it’s the same on the Lotus Stack.

S1 has amber lights, not sure on the S2. I know somebody (Eliseparts?) does a kit to change the S1’s to blue if that helps.