Disks and Pads

I have decided to give up on Lotus Msport pads and disks. So just as a quick question i was seeking advise on aftermarket stuff as i have no idea myself. I have found loads of links on the site but would appreciate a bit of a poll. Many thanks in advance.

Alcon rotors, ally bells and SBS or Pagids


RS14 Pagids. And pedal feel is much better when they’re all new.


I still think that the root cause of your problem has nothing to do with friction material, by virtue of the fact that the pedal is going hard and not soft this tells me the problem is hydraulic, residual pressure build up over time. I believe you are treating the sypmtom and not the cause by changing the materials.

Sure the sidcs could be warped, but the new one’s are going to warp as well if they are overheated, which will happen as the problem seems to be heat caused by dragging, amplified when you rest your left foot on the brake, so you are not creating the problem you are making it happen quicker. I firmly belive you will be wasting your money if you simply purchase new materials and the problem occurs again, sort it then replace the materials.

Just my 2c worth, I have been down this road and it frustrated the heck out of me

Thanks for the advice. My only feeling is that it all started with new disks and i had a lot of replies suggesting that it sounds like dodgy disks. Just had an MOT which i done with the mechanic and the brake release test part showed no issues with the release of the system and pefect even braking. He had a good check over and could not see anything obvious. Oh what to do!!