Dijon / Magny Cours

[color:“orange”] [/color] Just arrived back from the book a track french trip
I thought I better say a few words about Jonny’s organising

Apart from two fantastic days on track he had the whole thing spot on right from day one hotels room keys ready as you walked in the door great atmosphere the whole weekend

Totally destroyed my A048s, tried to get a set in France but none of the Lotus dealers would answer the phone on Monday wasn’t a holiday over there but no joy so I had to drive home on very sorry tyres

It was one of the best I would recommend the Dijon track

JohnC [color:“orange”] [/color]

[color:“orange”] [/color] Does anyone know where the best price for A048s is at the moment


How knackered were the 048s to start with??

I am trying to get a feel for how long my new ones will last…

Oh, and do you drive like a complete loony ?? (cos if you do you will be a perfect match to me

hee hee

I wouldnt say I drove like a complete loony more a partial loon
but I get quicker and more confident as the day goes on

this set has lasted 4500 miles mostly on track and the drive to France and back but the grip was magic even J5 in his Honda Elise following me said he couldnt keep up through the last few corners at Dijon but then he walked past me on the straight


I know what you mean about the ‘helise’ - I had the same feeling at Snetterton

Mike Niven was there he ran some laps on slicks what a difference they make he seemed to walk round the corners

I dont believe I am posting this but for the first time in 2 years the air con worked a treat we kept the windows closed the whole time air on full

I turned it off a few times just to see if it was really working and within seconds you could feel the heat return
Having the windows open is bad news it seems to draw the heat up from the footwell

I haven’t done the rear toelink update so slicks would be risking it, but I would love to try an Exige in the raw

I find that if you open the windows you suck in all the hot air from the radiator…