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Which one please ? I know you guys are the experts


Depends on whether you are a Canon or a Nikon kinda guy. The camera I use is a Canon 10D (about �800) which I think is great. I bought mine from the Canon outlet on Ebay. The 300D is similar in functionality but plastic bodied, slower A/F etc etc and quite a bit cheaper (about �500 I think).

Just as important is proper glass. I have a Canon 70-200F4L which is quality and what I have used for motorsport. You really need more than 200mm for motorsport and I plan to get a 1.4 converter which bolts on the back to give you 280mm. If you can afford more get a lens with IS (Image Stabilisation) it really does work. Just like Exiges, cameras can consume lots of money. I am all set for now, so once the house is finshed all my disposable will go into Exige stuff as I intend to try and get out and about a bit more next season.

Just to get in context my pro mate uses a Canon 1DmkII (about �2.5k) and a 500F4L lens (about �4.5k!!!). He also uses a 1.4x converter for an effective 700mm essential if you absolutely need to capture a drivers complexion

If you are going to Brands next Saturday - you can have a go.

Oh and I am sure Ian will be along in a mo to represent the world according to Nikon

Ebay has lots of shops in HK that ship at mucho reduced prices (and you keep your fingers crossed they do not get stopped at customs)…worth a look for sure.

Oh and I am sure Ian will be along in a mo to represent the world according to Nikon

I am a Nikon man. Despite having some Nikon lens, when the Canon 300D came out I had a look but was really disappointed with how plastic it was. The Nikon D70 was just the ticket and has won all the recent awards in its class. When the D70 arrived Canon had to start giving some pretty good discounts on the 300D to keep them shiping (a mate got �100 back from Canon, not the shop, for no real reason). In the �600 (body only, which is all you should be paying, or �750 with a lens & memory) bracket I think the D70 is best. When you start paying more Canon start making a bit of a come back though. There’s some very good reviews of both here -

I certainly agree with Ben on the lens. What’d you want to take pics of? I have a great 80-200mm VR f2.8 (a low f number is the bit that makes it expensive, the lower the number the more light that gets in, the more flexible the lens and the faster it focuses), the VR stands for Vibration Reduction (like the IS with Canon). Basically it means you can take pictures of things a long way away more easily as the lens won’t shake. I’ve got a 1.7x converter too, and as a DSLR increases lens by 50% anyway (due to the size of the sensor), that basically means I have up to 510mm (just over 10x zoom). It is huge and not cheap though. The 18-70 lens that the D70 can come with is very good but you’d probably want to add a longer zoom too, and you can get a cheap Nikon 70-300 for less than a 100 quid.

I should be at Brands to, so you could have a bake off if you’re there.

I have a friendly chap in HK who could sort you out. So far I’ve got great prices and not been nobbled for duty once! He does both Nikon and Canon, let me know if you want details.


Thanks guys

I should have mentioned that this is for Judith, she is a camera Flintstone, still using an Olympus OM1 but produces very fine photos with it …

She looked at an Olympus E1 but the lens issues put me off - but not her … 'cos she wants total manual control …

Tough choice it seems … as I want to have a decent long lens but the olympus stuff is somewhat pricy …

but not her … 'cos she wants total manual control …

She is a woman after all

The D70 is a little smaller and would feel like the classer present.

Both have ‘simple people’ modes.

Let me know if you want my contact.



If your around in the next few weeks I’ll bring my stuff around for you to have a play with

Always been a canon man myself and have an EOS 1D and an array of Canon lenses and convertors.
Your quite welcome to try it all out if you want

And I also have a contact for good deals on camera stuff in Brum if you want anything!

Let me know

[Happy] Paul (Cuz I might get me car back today)