Difflow : Undertray aeropart groupbuy

I’d like to trial these ; https://www.difflow.com/product-page/undertray-aeroplates-for-lotus-elise-exige

Anyone know of a UK distributor or equivalent?

UPDATE : See my post a bit further down

Not seen those before, they look good. Presume expensive to ship to the UK?
Maybe CAD is needed - Cardboard Aided Design :+1:

You read my mind John.
I’ll cad them, or even perhaps proper CAD and get sent away for cutting.

Always run the risk of UK import + vat on these tbh



I have found a supplier for these in the US.

Anyone keen to get any? Shipping is $76 but would be good to split it between a few of us.


Wavey hand time again! You know me when it comes to group buys, lol! :rofl:

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You in?

I’m in :+1:

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Usual group buy rules apply.

Send me the cash via paypal F+F or BT
Ill pay any import+taxes
Ill get a postage quote
Divide the import+taxes+postage up between us
You send me the difference and Ill send the items out .

Seem fair?

Items are $80 + shipping to me in the UK ( thats $76 so far )

So far we have

  1. Me
  2. @matt447
  3. @Fonzey
  4. @matt447 friend

@andybond - can I be cheeky and ask to be put down for 2 sets please? (one for me, one for my trackday friend with a 111R) Thank you mate!

I believed you right upto when you said friend :stuck_out_tongue:

4 sets it is!

Ill close this at COP Monday. I can order Tuesday AM ( US time ) then.

Hey, play nicely! :wink:

Going to close this group buy in 24h.

I’ll consider this group buy closed.

All happy to go ahead still? @matt447 / @Fonzey ?

I’m happy :+1:

Yep, let’s go!

Let me know when I can send you some money, Andy! Don’t want you being out of pocket mate :+1:

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Will do.

I was dealing with Greg from Greg’s racing parts but he suggested going straight to manufacturer. Trying to get hold of Ted @ Difflow now.