Differences between M/S Elise and Exige.

Hi, I’m just wondering what the differences are between the Motorsport Elises and their road derived descendant, the Exige?

Also, how many Motorsport cars were built, and has anyone got any images of them?

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Hi Kurt,

There was 65 official Sport Elises built from 1999-2002 most (but don’t know exactly how many!) were the central seat Autobytel Championship racers, but there were were a few built for GT racing with the standard side by side seating layout.

There was no real definitive spec for the Sport Elise but the main differences are rear uprights to accomodate bigger bearings (72mm v 68mm) and the 2 pot calipers on the rear. 4 pot calipers on the front both paired with a different master cylinder to the standard Exige. A 6 point bolt in rollcage. Removable sills and crash structure, a different roof (still the short scoop but the trailing edge of the roof is different) a 3 piece rear clam, slatted engine cover (most people now make the cutouts WAY too big!!) different supports and pylons for the proper carbon wing and a deeper front splitter. The heater was usually deleted and the extinguisher was in the front compartment. Most ran on Dynamics dampers/eibach springs (of rates i’m not telling ) I think they all started out with MBE ECUs too.

These are all interchangeable with the Exige though. The only thing that ultimately determines a Sport Elise from a however much modified Exige is the plate on the sill from Lotus Sport stating Chassis no. and engine no.

Hope this helps a little

As for photo’s have a look on the TSU website

Thanks very much for that.

Do you mean the TSU photographic site??

I’ll try and look later if so.

If they built so many, have most been crunched now? And the central seating arrangement must have made for an interesting gearchange layout…any images?


thats a pretty comprehensive answer, just two thngs to add - I thought the bigger wheels bearings was a mod introduced after the race series began and I think the rear wheels ran a different offset.

There’s a brief spec and a couple of grainy photos of a M/S Elise on the Plans Motorsport website: http://www.plansmotorsport.com/showroom/cars/

The page hasn’t been updated for a year or so and unfortunately the car was sold ages ago. They say it gives some impression of the cars they stock; gave me the impression they’d gone bust…

that blue motorsport elise is back for sale �30000. I asked a few weeks ago and they said its not forsale then last week i got an e mail saying its back for sale

Thanks for that. It’s doing better than inflation for somebody.

what did it sell for before then?

Recall an asking price of �26k before it went POA. Good to know they’re sought after; wish they made a few more…

that blue motorsport elise is back for sale �30000. I asked a few weeks ago and they said its not forsale then last week i got an e mail saying its back for sale

Where is it listed I tried PH but didn’t see it.

its just in the showroom/forsale bit on plansmotorsport web site. Give them a call if no joy.