Did anyone on here buy one of these????


I never knew it was available, and miffed that I’ve missed the special offer.

no…but I expect you might still be able to get the reduced price?

~surprised it has not had more publicity.

I couldnt fit it myself so there would be labour to factor into the price.

Do Lotus sanction this officially? They always said they weren’t doing retro fit upgrades, but now they’ve reached pretty much the end of the line with new developments of the s2 perhaps they’ve relaxed that?

Very tempting. Thinking of flogging my everyday hack and diverting funds to this project. Need to keep her indoors off the scent.

it doesnt say what spec though.Would it take you to ‘S’ spec or 240r or like mine 255?

The fact that it has an LS… part no (~ie its a Lotus Sport part) and not a LOTAC… or A120…(factory accessory or OE part) suggests its the Cup conversion which is probably the lesser 240BHP version (the early cup was a 240, the works 255 was a DBW) but I guess you could do a couple of extra tweaks while you’re fitting it.

Exige S2 Manual Throttle Cars Only
Not USA/Canada Spec

Is there a specific reason for this, I thought the throttle by wire wasn’t that much different.

Different ECU?