MIL lights on after Donnington, can anyone recommend a good code reader? Lotus specific that is?

Probably due to decat?

I use one of these

No idea is its the cheapest, or if there are better available, but it does the job for me. Reads and resets codes on the Lotus, Mondeo, and Seat.

Note that the ODB on the Lotus does not refresh fast enough to provide useful info for data logging. I was only seeing refreshes every 3 seconds or so.

I thought decat, or something down that way…still need to reset it so I’ll give it a go, cheers guys.

Another question along the line of diagnostics, well sort of.

The guy I’m planning on doing my ongoing programme of simple mods is a reliable and very knowlegable bloke who has had many years in the industry of building and the racing of Fords/VWs/Jap cars, he now focus’s on mainstream mechanical upgrades, servicing and the odd repair, question is, would my car (engine) have the need for any ‘Lotus’ diagnostic OBD porting to reset faults ?

He is very thorough, totally reliable and honest, but would he be the best man for my works bearing in mind that Lotus’s are not his mainstream of work.

Running too lean! That would be down to the new induction kit, manifold and exhaust. Sorted itself out anyway…I love my car

Oh and will be buying that lead + software thanks