Diagnostic tools for Lotus?

Who struggles with Lotus diagnostics?
Yes, you can read Engine EODB codes, but what about non-emissions related faults (spanner light), ABS, Airbag or Automatic transmission etc

We have been working with a large, well know diagnostic solution supplier to produce a ‘Lotus’ specific diagnostic tool.
Yesterday we viewed the working version of the tool and it will be made available to the general public very soon.
Coverage initially is planned to be for Elise, Exige and Evora
We are hopeful that Emira may follow later

The initial tool is planned for professional use (But not exclusive to the trade)and will included some advanced functions like steering angle reset etc

We will keep you all updated with progress as it happens

This kind of stuff is always interesting!

What models does it cover?

Planned coverage is all Elise/Exige/Evora 1995-2022 inc 340r/211/311 etc
We now know that all Evora and all Elise/Exige are 95 sorted
The earlier Toyota cars we know they can talk to ABS as we had a car in brake bleed mode yesterday,
Also they can access the read/ clear codes on the airbag system on S2
k Series cars are also moving forwards and turning on items like fuel pumps, cooling fans and activating the rev counter all work
Some raw data is missing and slow to react, but they had 4 engineers at SL who spent all day with lap tops connected to cars yesterday.
Our primary goal has always been a factory type tool that can fault code read and clear on all alloy chassis cars as well as some advanced functions like ABS activation for bleed and steering angle reset etc
It will NOT allow adjustments of the cars safety systems like air bag OFF etc

That sounds like a trick bit of kit tbh

Brake bleed mode will make thing thing worth its weight in gold

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Yes!!! Opening the ABS circuit would save a lot of time :star_struck:

Great-good - so no s1 motorola yet - thank you