Despersately Seeking a track day

Doing llandow on the 6th October so something around then - anything exciting on ( because Llandow is not that exciting …) ? ( must renew my Circuit Driver sub …)

Donnington on the 8th October matey. �99. Book by calling Caroline at Donnington on 01332 819503

I will be there, so you can chuck your stuff in my van if you don’t want to trailer your car.


8th October!!!

Get your arse to Oulton & support Russ in the final round of the Mid Engined Series. You have been warned

Decisions Decisions …

Andy - how are you?

pm me your phone number cos I lost my mobile and all the effing numbers, when I was watching the British GP at Silverstone.

See my post re Mallory on the 12th Nov - a saturday !!!

Sean - thanks for the offer but the 8th is one day I cant now make all day because I’m flyin’ back in Sat morning - that will teach me for havin’ a day off on a Thursday

Pesky - maybe in the afternoon … depends on KLM …

Mike, I PM’d you - maybe I can get to Donnington on the 15th … but Mallory is a no no I think …